Thai Massage

Thai Massage at Urban Nirvana, Toronto

Urban Nirvana offers authentic and traditional Thai Massage in Thai-style rooms on raised platforms. Our RMT‘s are trained and experience in giving Thai style massage, and our holistic practitioners from Thailand and Toronto all have many years of Thai massage experience with all body types and flexibility levels.

If you have health benefits, ask for an RMT Thai massage upon booking and receive a receipt that you may submit to your insurance company to be reimbursed.

Thai Massage Servicesheattherapy

* Relaxation Thai Massage
* Therapeutic Thai Massage
* Couples Thai Massage
* Chair Thai Massage (15, 30, 45 min)
* Pre and post natal Thai
* Thai Reflexolgy

* Thai with Heat Therapy ($20 extra)

Thai Massage Appointments

Appointments for Thai Massages are available:

Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 8
Saturday & Sunday from 10 to 6

***Drop in appointments and same day appointments available.***

24 hour full payment cancellation policy in effect.

Call 647-242-7047  or book here.

What is Thai Massage? 

Thai massage is a unique healing art where your therapist uses hands, knees, legs and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches while applying deep pressure. Thai massage is akin to having yoga “done to you”, with much more effective and faster results than an ordinary yoga class. Thai massage is a highly therapeutic massage which is both relaxing and energizing. Thai Massage is performed without oil on a comfortable mat while you are fully dressed in Thai pants and cotton shirts.

Other Services at Urban Nirvana:

RMT Massage ~ Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre and post-natal and Thai style
Yoga Classes ~ Hot Yoga / Yin Yoga  / Ashtanga Yoga / Rise and Shine Yoga / Vinyasa Yoga
Workshops ~ Intro to Thai Massage / Couples Thai Massage / Restorative meets Thai Massage / Osho Meditation


4-Pass for 60 minutes ~ $340 (Thai Massage by Holistic Practitioners)
4-Pass for 60 minute RMT ~ $360 (Thai / Swedish / Deep tissue by RMT)


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